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NFF supports the launch of Odyssea’s new Academy center

NFF supports the launch of Odyssea’s new Academy center

NFF extends its support for Odyssea’s empowerment & integration efforts of vulnerable groups.

Odyssea Academy is the brand new, state of the art training center we created to host our vocational training programs. The Academy is a 600m2 industrial style building, located in the Rentis Area of Athens, with built-in compartments that simulate actual, professional work spaces. Of course, all the practice areas include strict safety measures and are designed to incorporate all the rules and regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to adapt to current circumstances and future-proofing the organisation against ongoing and/or recurring social distancing practices. 


Our courses are designed by certified and distinguished professionals, who bring along their know-how of their respective fields. That, along with a certification by EOPPEP, renders the Academy a most complete and suitable option for adult education and vocational training, offered for free to vulnerable social groups.


Odyssea Academy includes:

  • Professional Kitchen, HACCP1 certified
  • Plumbing and HVAC training space
  • Electrician training space
  • Woodworking and CNC training space
  • IT Networks and Technician training space
  • Barista / Bartender training space
  • Bike repair training space
  • Hotel suite training space
  • Two classrooms for lectures or courses that require computers, e.g. Programming, Social Media & Digital Marketing.


The courses designed by Odyssea are derived from the opportunities spotted in the current job market. Accordingly, the training spaces are built this way as to be easily adaptable to any new needs that might arise.

The courses designed by Odyssea are derived from the opportunities spotted in the current job market.

Our purpose

Establishing a training center, unique in Greece is definitely a huge milestone for Odyssea’s operations. Utilising the period during which our physical operations were limited due to COVID19, we were able to renovate and set up an all-inclusive training center that will place us in a pivotal position not only to better serve our own beneficiaries and make operations more efficient but also enable us to scale our programs to more than 1,800+ ppl annually and thus encompass the community of all our beneficiaries under one roof. 


Odyssea’s fully equipped training spaces give an incredible boost to the quality of our courses, adding the opportunity for more hands-on exercises. Facing real life predicaments, using actual tools and learning from established professionals of the field is exactly what distinguishes Odyssea Academy from other vocational training facilities, as our beneficiaries exit our premises work-ready.



Building a Network

Our vision is for Odyssea Academy to also work as a fine eco-system hub  for events and meetings with companies and other NGO. Odyssea will organise and host casual get-togethers with like minded people as a chance to exchange ideas, discuss synergies and explore the best ways to offer our combined services to those in need.


Eventually, the Academy will become a meeting point for those seeking a better future and those who are kind enough to offer it.


Odyssea Academy is the best option towards the social integration of vulnerable groups.

Everyone is included, everyone is welcome.