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NFF & BRAC join forces with the support of Internet Society Foundation

NFF & BRAC join forces with the support of Internet Society Foundation

Inclusive and accessible makerspaces and fabrication labs to cultivate economic opportunity and solve supply chain disruptions.


NFF joins forces with BRAC in a program funded by the Internet Society foundation. NFF comes in as the technical expertise partner, leveraging its technological and operational experience in establishing & operating Fablabs for social innovation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that emerging technologies such as digital fabrication and the concept of “making” have the potential to play a critical role in addressing the demand for personal protective and ventilation equipment, by identifying best-fit solutions and harnessing local production. Digital fabrication’s full potential will remain unrealized unless these spaces can be better capacitated, interlinked, and made more accessible to the local community. This project will leverage the inherent capabilities of digital fabrication laboratories across Bangladesh to empower communities in driving local innovation, create sustainable economic opportunities, and meet the demand for scarce resources. BRAC’s ultimate aim is to enhance the visibility, viability, and localized impact of existing makerspaces and fabrication labs while democratizing access to the tools and skills of digital fabrication for technical innovation and entrepreneurship at the community level.