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NFF establishes Astrolab: Odyssea’s FabLab for social innovation

NFF establishes Astrolab: Odyssea’s FabLab for social innovation

NextFab Foundation through its local partner Odyssea sets-up the first FabLab for social innovation in Greece.

NFF board member, David Levin and NFF expert Marco Oroz worked closely with Jai Mexis, CEO of Odyssea to bring this project into realisation. An abandoned, dilapidating listed building at the centre of Athens is transformed into a lively hub of fabrication and educational activities aiming at democratizing access to technological advances. The renovation of the 1930’s stone building was focused on revealing the existing, weathered materials and supplementing the palette with new ones that stress the minimal interiors. The stone walls, ceiling details and timber frames were repaired and restored. The stone walls have been highlighted, strengthening the sense of a protective community space where the users can rediscover and expand their potential.


The FabLab is a place where its users can expand their potential.

Starting just from an exterior shell of the building, we added its internal infrastructure all to the final fixings, finishes and unique pieces furnitures designed for its targeted use. Spaces created include, offices, co-working spaces, meetings rooms and digital fabrication workshop spaces with 3D printers, laser & vinyl cutters, electronics and power tools. This place has been dedicated to provoking social changes; it provides access to technology, education, and mentorship to empower others with the tools and skills towards activating a positive impact on society.

The vision of this place is to empower vulnerable groups in need by providing them the tools and skills needed to alter the realities of their life. By providing them access to knowledge, equipment and skills we enable their efforts of integration in the labour market. Supporting vulnerable local and guest population groups alike we further decrease the isolation of disadvantageous groups. The backbone of the FabLab space lies in its innovative spirit of iterative solution driven approach, were the beneficiaries of its services, though participatory processes become part of the solution itself. Making is its driving force which enables them not only to heal but also claim their role in the future of work.

Watch the current space in 3D here